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Rude Spaces

Don't just hire us to build you a beautiful commercial or residential space. Let's make an episode!

If you have a unique project that you want to show to your audience in a fun and interactive way, let RudeWood make that dream a reality! We will document the build by filming interviews and time lapses along the way. We may even include some surprises and have you work along side us, and vice versa. Is there a local musician you love? We can even make them the soundtrack! The goal is to produce an episode that will help you spread your message, whatever it may be, as well becoming a tool to help market your business. We will be sure to make it great experience that you will be able to have forever.

our audience becomes your audience

 At RudeWood, collaboration is key! We want to make the episode as much about your business as it is about ours. By using the method of Culture Immersion, we want to make this an opportunity to understand you and your business wholly. This will allow us work with you to market to both of our audiences; maximizing your outreach in a fun and unique way.

You may come to find that we are just as excited about what you do as you are!  

"A SALVAGED oasis"

Greg wanted a unique back yard to meet his needs while embodying his personality, and that's exactly what we gave him! 

Using salvaged materials sourced directly from his century old brewery and thrifty design, we turned his once desolate back yard into a one-of-a-kind Lancaster City oasis.


"A Space Fit For Artists"

Moira Records at Lazarus Juice Bar is co-owned by artist: Jason Pohlig and musician: Juany Santos

Inspired by Jason's art, we used him as a tool to paint the space while weaving bits of contemporary design and quality craftsmanship to design a downtown business that is thriving with culture!


"LISFF Awards"

The Lancaster International Short Film Festival really produces exceptionally diverse pieces of film. We were hired to design the awards. Here is the story!